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StateBarCollegeImageWhat is Probate?
Probate   is   a  legal  proceeding  through  which  the beneficiaries under a  Will  establish  their  ownership  and  title  to  the property of the person who died. 

Texas is  a  probate  friendly  state, the probate process in Texas is fairly simple and it usually goes without incident.

When a person dies with a Will, the attorney representing the executor named under the Will  files an application  and  the original Will with the county clerk asking that the Will be admitted for probate.
Under Texas law, notice of the Will pending for probate must be posted by the Sheriff or Constable.   This  notice  serves  as  notice  to  the  public  that  the  probate  matter is currently  pending.  Any  interested  party  may file  a contest to the Will, if that person believes it is necessary.
When the posting period expires, a hearing to admit the Will for probate is held before a Probate Judge.  The attorney for  the  named  Executor  under the  Will  and the named Executor appear in court, it is usually a routine and non-confrontational hearing.
At the  conclusion of the hearing, Letters Testamentary are granted and the Executor is ready to collect assets belonging to the estate.
Subsequent to granting the  Letters Testamentary there are statutory notices that must be  given  regarding  the  granting  of  said  Letters  Testamentary,  including  notice  to creditors.
The  beneficiaries  under  the  Will  must  be given notice of the Will  being admitted for probate, unless they sign a waiver of notice.
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