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What is an Heirship?

An heirship  is  a  legal  proceeding  that  takes  place  for  various reasons, such as when a person who owns, or  is  entitled  to  real  or  personal  property  in Texas dies without a Will, or when a Will  has been  probated  in  Texas  or  any  other  state   and  real  or  personal property of the Estate has been omitted from  such Will or from an administration. Under such  proceedings  the court may determine and declare who are the heirs and only heirs of the Decedent, and their respective shares of the Estate of the Decedent.
Tracing the family tree of your loved one.
If  time  got  away  from  your  loved  one before your loved one could plan, contact Fatima Breland, of The Breland Law Firm, P.C., to help you determine who are the heirs of your loved one through a determination of heirship.