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Fee Schedule
Some  of  our  fees  are  at  a  set  fee;  some  are  at an  hourly  basis and some are a combination of a set fee and hourly basis.

          Fees  for  Wills  and  Powers  of Attorney are at a set fee.  We will  arrange an initial comprehensive  consultation  to  review  your  estate  and  your   needs.   Upon  the conclusion  of  our  meeting   we   will  provide  you  with  the  set  fee based  on the information provided to us by you.
  • If  you  have  been appointed as the administrator, executor or guardian of an estate, our fees are by the hour plus costs and expenses.
  • If  you  need  our  assistance  to initiate a  guardianship, administration  of an estate whether   dependent   or  independent,  or   an   heirship  proceeding,  our  fee  is  a combination    of   a  set   fee   plus  costs  and   expenses   from  the  initiation   of representation  through  the hearing, and at our hourly rate plus costs and expenses from the hearing until the  closing of the administration, whether the administration is for a guardianship estate, a dependent or independent administration of a decedent's estate.
Contact  Fatima Breland of The Breland Law Firm, P.C., to discuss your specific needs and to discuss the fee for the specific assistance that we can provide for you.; or (713) 661-1335.