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Whether you are serving as an independent executor named under a Will, or as a dependent administrator, Fatima Breland of The Breland Law Firm, P.C., can help you through this process.

Serving  as a dependent administrator  of  an estate is  a  demanding task  that  can  be  managed  with  the  assistance  of  an  attorney experienced in this area. 
AdministrationsLet Fatima Breland, of The Breland Law Firm, P.C., guide you through the treacherous road of duties of a dependent administrator. 
Fatima Breland will map the road during an initial comprehensive conference to discuss the  responsibilities  of  the administrator,  discussing  the continuing  duties in  order to comply with the many intermediate requirements of this court supervised administration.
Fatima  Breland,  of  The  Breland  Law  Firm, P.C.,  has   extensive  experience  serving  as Administratrix of Decedent’s Estates, including administration of insolvent estates and estates  with  active  mortgages.  She will help you navigate the mine field of creditor’s claims as you comply with your duties.
Contact Fatima Breland to discuss the requirements of a dependent administration and to assist you in staying compliant with  your role as administrator. or (713) 661-1335.