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Fatima Breland -
Knowledgeable, Caring, Reliable
Fatima Breland, of the Breland Law Firm, focuses her  practice  on  Estate  Planning, Probate  and   Guardianships,  helping families  cope  with  loss  either due to death or incapacity.

Her  law  practice is built on a sound  foundation   of  business experience in administration, sales    and   management   in   the   real   estate  and   construction industries.

Fatima  Breland  has   extensive  experience  in   estate     administration     of    both decedent’s   and   guardianship  estates, acquired  by  serving   as  administratrix, guardian, as well as by helping her clients who  serve  as  executors, administrators and guardians.  She helps her clients plan ahead with the proper  instruments  in  order to minimize the financial and  emotional expense that comes with death and loss of capacity.
When  a  client  has  a  loved  one  who  died without a Will, Fatima Breland guides her clients through  heirships, a  legal  proceeding to determine  the heirs  of  the decedent.
Planning  in  the  event  of  loss  of  capacity,  she  helps  her clients implement less restrictive alternatives to guardianship with statutory and medical powers of attorney and directive to physicians.

Fatima Breland is a former Chair of  the Houston Elder Law Association.  She commits time to educate the public about the importance of planning for when death occurs and planning in the event of loss of capacity.

Contact Fatima Breland to discuss your probate and estate planning needs, as well as to implement less restrictive alternatives to guardianship for you and your loved ones. 

If a less restrictive alternative is no longer a viable option, she will help you implement a guardianship to care for your loved one. or (713) 661-1335.